Sunday, January 15, 2012

our third strike

I feel a pain in my stomach, an ache in my heart...
I feel like I'm beginning to drowned.. to awaken to a new start

My mind is now running, it's getting chased
My mind is now hurting, that you may be erased

To the beginning of these days, the times that glow
Why is it seem they're the last things we know?

I'm starting to shake, my eyes are a constant run
I'm starting to realize this is a time we would have never won...

We're going to forgive, for all of the loss
We're going to forgive, the bridge we never got across

Too late I feel, too early it came...
Only to hope we're neither to blame...

You're the sore in my head, when paces my mind
You're the forgiveness in my life, when love we couldn't find

You were the words to my lack, the connection to thought
You were the ease of heart, you're love of what I sought

We're the example of easy breathing
The truth to every end
We're the easiest when it comes to living
The best to every offend

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