Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm sorry for misleading our story...

Should I settle for the walk when I could be given flight?
Should I settle for the stars when I see a further light?

Should we tread these paths cause they've become so known?
Should we stay as one so we're never alone?

Should you carry my heart cause its the lightest of all?
Should you carry me ever to relieve me of the fall?

Should I weigh on your words the way I do the sea?
Should I search through them till I find us free?

Should I untangle our fingers and let them loose?
Should I unlock our lips so they're no longer in misuse?

Should I pretend our world is forever growing?
Should I let everything else pass while we're slowing?

Should we continue to paint our vision black and white?
Should we let us make our story and proceed to write?

Should you decided to settle here cause you're nervous of there?
Should you linger by my side cause it's never a scare?

Should we let us be what we can some day make?
Cause by your side... I want to awake....

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