Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Loose the grip you hold so tight
Squint the image that's in your sight
Cause too close you grow to what you need
That blindly it begins to cause you of greed
So bend till you break cause I broke the last
And pick up the future cause you dropped the past
Realize you will of what you should've known
You'll see I've been here but I've been so alone

Friday, March 23, 2012

Too close was not close

I craved the unthoughtful taste of bitter love
Cringing at the idea of anything but sweet
Wishing that this air would be my breath taken away
And that you could lack me in thoughts that drove me straight

You enclosed my cage tighter and tighter with the way you began to grow
Leaving less room for myself between my chamber that concealed what you knew best
Treading lightly I did, when I dare took a step
Cause past you was too far, and behind you was not far enough

And slowly, it became so clear.
The distinct smell of your enamored aura and increasingly well done words
The sight of your quickened feet that felt no hesitance to stay when told to run
The feel of your unopened thoughts that clung to me like fire
And the ache I'd hear from your words that so effortlessly took cover...

It deluged my once empty heart, leaving it to engulf itself in your muddle

And what a winding path I thought you lead, hoping it kept me steady
But unbalanced went my ground, when my heart became too heavy

dirty pieces

Crack the lips that dry this taste
Quench for thirst cause moisture's a waste
And warmth the body that pumps this blood
Too heavy, thick, that it's starting to flood
Cry these eyes that blink too fast
Your shadow too far to see the cast
Skin too rough to notice the color
Cause personality has started to out-grow one another

My wing span

My early years were spent breathing, eying out the details
Then my fingers turned into wings that bared the words from books
And as my mind grew it fell into the wishing well
Because I learned to reach for what couldn't be held
And there I wandered....

Only when swept by sticks and stones did I learn my lesson
Then peeling away the flesh he said would tell me stories
There I learned of my past and present

But birds could only carry so much into my future
That's when God put pencil to paper and taught me how to lighten these old hands.

Monday, March 5, 2012

short cut

When I break down your bridges, am I breaking down my own
Am I keeping us both locked up, forever alone
Am I telling a story that only I can see
Cause I'm too scared that this'll never be

Am I craving for whats lost, what I cant find
Am I ruining us both cause unmade is my mind

You've been lost in my love, and so have I
But forever being lost made it worth the try

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the deed

I'm the ultimate fear.

I've crept into all the darkest places I could think up, and I've set up home in every one. I've climbed to the highest fall and based my steadiest balance upon it.

I've sunken to the pit of every sorrow in the world and taken their feelings for my own keeping.
I've sobered every love to its true colors, inheriting the endless throbbing heart. Killing for the last word, for the latest loss, for the newest rush of being someones sight for sore eyes, the crave and necessity to fulfill ones love.. then take it away.

I've reached every route I needed to let out for and hid all that should have been shown. I've taken away your trust because I know it didn't lie too far from never making its way back to you. I've taken you away, and you don't know what to do with yourself now.