Friday, March 23, 2012

Too close was not close

I craved the unthoughtful taste of bitter love
Cringing at the idea of anything but sweet
Wishing that this air would be my breath taken away
And that you could lack me in thoughts that drove me straight

You enclosed my cage tighter and tighter with the way you began to grow
Leaving less room for myself between my chamber that concealed what you knew best
Treading lightly I did, when I dare took a step
Cause past you was too far, and behind you was not far enough

And slowly, it became so clear.
The distinct smell of your enamored aura and increasingly well done words
The sight of your quickened feet that felt no hesitance to stay when told to run
The feel of your unopened thoughts that clung to me like fire
And the ache I'd hear from your words that so effortlessly took cover...

It deluged my once empty heart, leaving it to engulf itself in your muddle

And what a winding path I thought you lead, hoping it kept me steady
But unbalanced went my ground, when my heart became too heavy

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