Thursday, October 28, 2010

top it off!

Currently Diggin
The convenience of gray vans
The good grades that come from after school, and six AM work

The weekend breathers
The drives my Mom and I take

A Change Of Pace & The Starting Line

The softening of calloused fingertips

The handy block button to ignore annoying ppl..

oh wait... jk... don't have that haha
The helpful Google Access on these massively cool phones
Solitare (help sway me through boring City Council Meetings)
Fireplaces, I'll never forget how essential you are
Nutrigrain & my Mojo Bars
Thats right Thats right


  1. Important note: from now on, I'll always visit your blog. Please don't hesitate to visit me. Let's be more than just followers...let's be faithful readers! Thanks :)

    Lovers' Shore


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