Thursday, October 28, 2010

back doors

things are still a blur, why did it come to this?
And perpetually I'll wonder... am I someone you'll miss?
Your on my mind constantly, and that's something I wish I could say
But in the end I don't want my heart to be the only one on display

My voice is shaky, my eyes are sore
hold my breath, tears that pour
My minds a mess, your voice a maze
As my reality turns into such a daze

I glance at my phone, get mad and frustrated
wondering why your still on my mind, or why its debated
You'd call if you wanted, you'd write me if missed
You'd give me the courtesy, if you knew I exist

Your easy to read, your like all the rest
hardly close to original, but your failure tops the best
I'm stubborn and right, Your stubborn and wrong
I live to love, and you love just to stay strong
I know how to treat, I know how to care
but to dig a little deeper, you'd never dare
Your the typical guy, charming and sweet
But your sense of humor is what knocked me off my feet
but get a little close, and you seal the door
All because your scared you'll fall even more

I'd bring you back to life, Help you respire
but always in the end, we both know we'll tire

sever all ties, break all locks
take back time, burn the clocks
Now I'm free, open to feel
I hope one day you'll be able to heal

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