Monday, November 1, 2010

all the goodness in the world

Turn over the page, wake up on the right side of bed today..


  1. These pictures make it look like you're just talking to yourself. So lonely, so solitary, needing to overcome so many things.
    The interesting thing is that we are not always as alone as we think. If you look at that last picture, you'll see that at the glass behind that lonely girl, there are people talking there.
    You may say that the loneliness is in her heart. But even though the loneliness is at the heart, even there will be someone whose reflection may be going unnoticed. Someone that could be saying the words she needed to hear.
    Only try to look to all sides not only one and you will may see someone there.

    I do not know if you remember me. You commented on my blog once, when I was little time blogger. You was one of the first people to make a nice comment. I was very happy and had not yet had the opportunity to thank the same way. Thank you Loren!!!

  2. oh I would love to wake up with that view each day. lovely pictures at your blog.. xoxo


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