Friday, July 16, 2010

anymore... never more.

Letting lose your grip, the way you've wound me around your finger
tearing apart the new feelings, and missing the ones that use to linger

Reasons to miss and want love...

1. I'm at my best when I'm making him happy
2. I'd find comfort in his comfort
3. Giving him everything I can till I'm left empty
4. Being his morning alarm and his last goodnight
5. Letting him know my eyes only notice him
6. Having him understand that his thoughts mean the most to me
7. saying those cheesy things that when everybody else around hears us say it they can't help but be sick because we're the two ppl who are just too much in love
8. Leaving him random messages..
9. Getting to tell everyone and anyone he's mine
10. You no longer have to look anymore.. your whole world is now in your arms.

Morning hugs and last night kisses, yesterday memories of Mr and Mrs

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