Monday, July 19, 2010

random questions about my life...

mmmm no ha
um nope
hm. Yes. And it was Aaron's fault hah... was totally late for the baseball game. still blame him... ha jk.....
yes... he was funny tho ha made me tickle his back :/
yes.. every kid needs to once in their life
no! lets keep it that way..
i wish
not at the top of my list
one day i will
ugh.. yes...
i will sometime!
yes :) LOOOVED it
idk if you could call it swimming... more like falling over and the tide taking me with it ha
um... no ? hah maybe from heart break. jk naw i never have
what girl hasnt....
hahah never
yes actually :)
nope. only sing when no one can hear
haha no but that'd be funny
oh ya... like eating that ice cream that made me feel sick today...
haha almost!
every winter :)
i can't ever seem to find those!! but then again there aren't any cute boys around to kiss anyways lol jk.
no but hopefully I do in about 3 weeks while im in cali :)
no. I'm invited to everything. jk hah im not much for those
ya... my ears rang so bad
ya... jaron pushed me over.
allll the time
lol no?
naw i'm pretty sure I know what i'll be doing. I dream about it tho
Random Questions:

Laureyna... um thats it really. Volleyball nickname was Snizzle and I did use to get called my schmoopy... but ya.
Kelly :)
uh orange juice ha. Actually this one iced tea...Arizona iced tea... preferably tropical
dont have one ha
mmm... spring or summer
thats too hard... i love it all
cali :D
oh ya
umm nope ha
nothings ever my fault. jk ha
2 dogs and a cat
3 and 22
too hard... remember the titans is up there tho
christmas i think
dont know
sea food
mmm during school its wednesdays... but during summer idk... probably fridays
dont watch tv really but i love that 70s show and the kardashians lol
listen to music or write
umm.. married hopefully.. a couple kids... living some where beautiful with the man of my life
talk lol

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