Tuesday, June 15, 2010

disappearing pathways

transparently walking through eyes i never knew
doing the right when the wrong i thought was the only thing i could do
losing sight of what held me so tightly near
growing this sadness that grew from this fear
holding onto what was meant to be let free
giving up the time and giving up what meant so much to me
trying to give away something that was never mine
trying to do what i was told, trying to not cross the line
tightening these screws that bear the core
shutting close what i've forever held in store
Clocking my time thats ticking away
dying slowly day by day
giving up a part that was never dire
giving up a part of life that i always tire


  1. I am free...of illusions :)


  2. Beautiful. Love your image and words. xo style, she wrote


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