Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cause your so classic

break your secrets cause i'm on the follow
filled with love what is now cold and hollow
promise me words that contain no meaning
be kind and light when a joke is what your seeming

I'll fly high away from your wind blowing my way
I know it'll take me no where good, i see what you portray
Tell me truths glazed over with your lies
hoping you'll be saved by your once believable cries

I've grown to be better I've grown to be old
I've never fallen to stories these kids all once told
I've always known the truth somewhere inside
That I never belonged here, cause you always lied

Disappoint disappoint it's always lying around
Clawing at my skin as your face hits the ground
I feel all the pressure I feel all the pain
Cause constantly your let down hits me like rain

I'm steering left and your turning right
Our feelings are spinning and causing this fight
To stay above the meaning that was once called love
But love was always natural, never came to push or shove

- L


  1. I love images like these!!

    They make me really happy!

    Lovely blog :) :)

    Char x

  2. so poignant; i love these quotes, some are real wake-up calls, especially the one of 'just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive'. the poem is beautiful too! did you write it? i think the last two paragraphs describe my turbulent thoughts just right

  3. just one questions: is this YOUR poem? 'cos it's wonderful :) Me too, I like writing poems. Thanks for joining my blog
    I like your writing and I want to follow you. I advise that you put FOLLOW button. Good Luck


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