Monday, June 21, 2010


I am my future, my present, my past. I hardly know it any better than you know it. I may not be married, I may not find love, I may have 5 kids, and I may die a widow. I'm no longer scared of what this future brings, I'm no longer scared to lose what is not forever meant to be mine. I'm not scared. I'll choose this path and you can take the next right, I'll say these words and you can choose those actions. We are people, in this ever lasting world of wonder and sadness, and such beauty lost somewhere with in it. You are my beauty... love is my beauty, and I will have it one way or another, whether through you or my future to be. For I'm the optimistic that is overruling all these critics. I am no longer scared.. I am no longer guarded... for I am the truth speaking out. Speaking out so blunt that days now seem so fogged and of a maze. You may be my last and you may be my first, and you may be my middle. But certainly you are a treasure I found along this trail.


  1. love this post. puts things into perspective!
    loving your blog!

  2. you spoke the words that have been living in my head for so long now. thank you for this...


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