Friday, December 30, 2011

One day..

Love. It's all I've ever wanted.

I've wanted the chance to know you so well, that I think I've lost chances to know myself. To sit in front of you and have you read me like an over read book. Love that one day will help you find everything you thought you ever lost. To tell you that loves found me, all because I found you.

Love to where you always know I love you, during the fights, the long days away, and everything in between. Love that makes you feel vulnerable, but I'd make you feel safe.

To offer you love that would never let the weight of the world touch your shoulders. A love that becomes the ground beneath your feet. A love that builds into you when you feel you've lost all strength. Love that will last you long after you've left.

But for now, I'll wait. Wait for you to see it's me, wait for you to realize that my love was only made for yours. And if you get lost on your way to me, know that this was always for you.

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