Sunday, October 24, 2010

It was a hoax...

Cause I was the one a little more scared. A little more open. A little more giving of what I shouldn't give out so easily.

So open to finding something new, and taking in what was once old... that long ago, broken down, withered away feeling.

I never let you know I kept myself just for you. I let you think I was finding love else where, some where other than you.... and you believed me..

How easily the feelings grew.. and how hard but very well done it was to let all communication fade.

If only fools knew better than to lie when they really do love someone so. If only they knew to stop lying, stop wishing it'd all go away... those feelings you gave them, stop believing their mind can over throw the feeling.

If only they knew a little sooner... maybe this would have all changed...

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