Saturday, September 4, 2010

its all been said

cool breezes and easy breaths
warm days and ugly deaths
I see hearts lying all around
place each one in this lost and found
I'm tying my laces to walk these streets
Listening to our sounds and giving the beats
I'm stopping all lights, closing all stores
Giving up love, just to stop these wars
I'm letting go of it all, just for you
So you can walk, and I'll be left see through

Top the roofs with all these wings
give them stories and make them into kings
give me a glass to drain this sea
of what you missed, and what you missed was me

dare to jump... dare to fall
dare to take time, or to make it stall


  1. so lovely ! but how come you give up love for the sake of the one you love? a strange sacrifice!

  2. My favourite lines -
    'I see hearts lying all around, place each one in this lost and found.'

    I love this.


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