Saturday, September 4, 2010

Frozen feet, stand still path

Scared and torn, these two chances
Love or friends, at first meet glances
handsome and cute, funny and beautiful
missing him, wishing the feelings were mutual

burn these edges, fire by night
I'll fall to a million suns, and i'll be your light
Wishing he knew, should I say
that I fell in love, within the first day
steel these lips, stitched so tight
not to let words fall out, that I so deeply write

So wrong to feel naked, completely see through
giving a little more love, that's been overdue

Hold me close, read me left and right
even though I'm going against my want, against my might
Hurt me you'll do, as you seem to have done
should I stay put, or get up and run

Care for me? The way I care for you
wishing I had control, wishing I could undo

I'm scared, so scared...
hardly able to walk, hardly able to say I was prepared
for this love that's come my way
and soon I know I'll have to be the one to pay

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