Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm closing these doors, breaking all locks, freezing all time, and taking long walks.
I'm clearing my head, trying to break free, listening to him, while losing me.
Love me love me, before I whither away, hurt me hurt me, I know will come the day.
I'm skipping a beat, losing my ground, flying through air, when reality I should've found.
Too scared to love, too scared to keep, too nervous to fall, when you never took a leap.
I'm your love, the one you want, the one you kept, the one you taunt.
The love I had, the love that made you lie, the love I knew, the love that made me cry.
Morning suns, tangled with you, laying in bed, feeling something I know is true.


  1. It's wonderful ! Frankly, I googled this poem to see if it's really yours, but I found it only on your blog. You're a tender and romantic woman :)

  2. lovely pictures on here! come follow me xoxo

  3. Such a lovely poem! The photo is really cute.


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