Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My last.

I could be the first to drowned this... wash it burn in ash
I could be the first to lose it... make it something that couldn't last
I could fly the skies till my sun turn blue
I could tell you the truth till you didn't know what to do
I could suffocate this air, take it away from your dying lung
I could be the last word, the last sad song you ever sung
I could take away all stars, never wish upon another one
I could lie to myself, and tell you all that whats done is done
I could take all my jealous rage and give it as a gift to you
see what happens when you get feelings that you never knew
I could set this alarm clock.. but choose to never wake
I could lock myself up, put this worlds love at stake
I could scream so everyone can hear my pain ring in their ears
I could paint a story that could relate to everyone's fears
I could give up love all together just to feel free
free of the sadness that can never let me be
I could walk across the desert.. waiting for a rainy day
I could sit around here... waiting for our journey to change its way
I could cause havoc, chaos that rules all minds
Lock all windows, but peak through your blinds
I could lose my sight forever, and still see the world through my eyes
I could show you my world of color... which you'd never see no matter how many tries
I could paint myself in another way... i could be the perfect her
I could do everything you wanted... anything you prefer
I could lie to myself and change the way i walk
I could start running, only listen but never talk
I could link arms with brothers and sisters I've yet to meet
hoping the love before us will never be our defeat
I could sink into arms that I know will never care
I could stay locked in the ones that will forever scare
Pain that shoots through my arms and screams that tear through my eyes
As my legs fall beneath me ... with tries... so many tries
I could die slowly and live life scared
I could be true to my heart even when i never dared
I could be frustrating and mean, hurtful to the only one
Only to frustrate myself when the day is done
I could be who i really am... open to you without a second thought
But could i do that after I'm the reason we so many times fought
I could grow cold... and shelter myself inside
which I have... and I'm sorry I ever lied

... May the day break my heart, but fall together at night. So every morning time, I'll wake up to your loving light.

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