Sunday, June 6, 2010


I went soul seeking, found myself something new and it fits me just grand. I took out all my drawers that sorted and filed all my old thoughts and i threw them to the oblivious hell beneath what i walk. I grew a new spine, one that's always stacked upon itself just right to wear I always stand tall and straight. And my shoulders are no longer bruised and sore, I gave the weight of my world back to dear Atlas. My conscious is clearer then the new air I breath, and they may call us crazy... they may call us regrettable, but the only thing we'll feel when this is said.. is the rain that strikes us against our unbreakable backs. And I cut all the ties I have with all of you... every single one of you. Besides my locks that tie me to my roots, those will forever grow. I'm free.... free living to wonder on my own and no one shall ever give me this gravity to keep my feet anywhere but in the air. Give her a glance and I'll be more than fine my perfect darling, for I can head south on my own this winter... all on my own. I live openly when my love is right before my eyes, his need for attention is no more than the need for my attention... and I now feed off of food for thought... Now I breath in air that is only for me... not for you.. for you can suffocate on the air that only she will give you sparingly time to time. Type out your words that you want this entire world to see, you'll never appear on that billboard.. but at least you have the attention of all your strangers that will never seek your love, for your nothing but the paparazzi that feeds their need for everyone to peer into their lives. And I forever will stand in this corner.. away from you all... I still have my privacy while you share every "special" moment with a bunch of nobodies that will never be special people to you... I only share those great moments with the grandest of people.

I am the epitome of those who can still fly higher than ever anticipated when everyone around them saw their crash landing... I broke... I fell... and I forever was scarred. But I am the one who grew older while you so evidently stayed young, I grew out of these people while you so childishly fed off of every word they said, I live off of life... and you forever live off of their attention.. and this is why we could never be.

I tried to reprogram you... but why try to change someone.. they are who they are... and so forth.. they aren't my last breath to take or my first breath to waste.

Make a mistake.. and I'll show you the way... try to enrage me... I'll laugh at what you wish me to fall apart... Try to make your way into crevices I never intended to let you through... and I'll cry into your open arms. Love me please... For I am the last standing person to create these words for you and only you. Leave me be... forever I want to be alone without your tearing words. Please please find me.... the world i so much die for...

For we'll all stand up and applaud to those who fell so hard

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