Sunday, June 6, 2010

Born as one..

She'll never love someone who hides things from her... never love someone who subconsciously needs undying attention from people who don't even matter... and she will never love him for how can she when he can't show the truest of love.

Break down and cry my dear friend... I'll be here to hold you close when he couldn't... I'll tell you he doesn't deserve you.. because he never did. Cry out to the world till this night falls silent my dear dear friend.

She'll want to run to her friend who spent days on days talking till the days grew old with age... but he'll be too far gone by then.. and that's when I'll hold you close my friend... for when you feel so lost.. I'll carry the burning match to give us light.

She'll wish to unleash the dying monster that crawls inside her... let the anger breathe out like fire that burns this city to ashes in the air.

She'll wish these tears didn't swarm her eyes... she'll be frustrated she couldn't stop them for everyone to see. Her hands will quiver with pure agitation that he couldn't understand before he did it. Her arms will feel as if they've taken in a winter day... shaking with such rage she can't hold still...
... and at the end of the day... she'll lie in bed.. stare at the cold white ceiling and lay as dead as the chest that now lie empty.

I'll hold her close... love never did this feeling any good... only tore the once broken seam into a gap that lost its all control. and I'll bind my arms around her... hold her together as she falls apart before my very eyes.

She'll walk away from him... empty handed... giving up the heart she once held. But as she walks away... she'll cry.... but she'll smile. She's walking away from all that caused her that ache in her chest that made it hard to breathe... as he always slowly suffocated her.

And i'll help her find better... someone who can hold her together.. someone who only craves her attention... someone who is as old fashioned as her.. and someone as gentleman like as she is so lady like. I'll help her stand tall even when they expected her to fall...

And i'll help her find the strength within herself...

Within ourselves. For i'll be the one to walk away.. and the one to hold myself high.

For i'll be the one to cry... and be the one to wipe my tears.

I'll walk away empty handed... but i'll be the one to smile.

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