Friday, May 7, 2010

rusted pages

Tears that melted the arms that swayed me so. Words that weakened this grip and let me go

Eyes that wrote the story on painted skin. A mark of love when done a sin

Lips that colored my heart enough to make me walk. Ears so deaf it gave me strength to talk

Fingers and toes that made me care, skin so sweet, pale and fair

A tongue so strong with grasp on its speech. The voice behind those teeth that teach

A hidden kiss in that right corner. Cause she was your love and I was your donor

Legs that shake when I had shook. The strength in arms that pain had took

Lashes that curled at eyes too gray. When the rainstorms appear on a dreary day

A heart that would thud when I would talk. Cause you were the key and I was the lock

Skin that draped across the bone, letting loose from being alone

Chapped the words that I pull from this chest, cause lips so dry quiver for words that are best.
- Lauren Maguire

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