Thursday, May 27, 2010

torched the love of those who fail

I write this for those who've never been told, for you.. Juliet, and her Romeo.

You care for her.. Stop, love her. She constantly pushes while you pull, its her guard, pull onto her every time. She's constantly fighting the urge to let you know that you've been on her mind all day, even if she wasn't on yours. She's at a loss of breath as her lungs collapse within her, and her knees beneath her, and there she kneels beside her bed wondering why as rain storms from her eyes. He's constantly reminding her of how much he cares, but only does she thrive for more and more. He does only so much that he could have to break all boundaries and walls, while she herself tries to climb them. They fight and yell, but its the emotion so passionate that gives the warmth of the fire. Why is it everyone around tries to tear two people down... and those people are foolish enough to give in. He can only hold onto you if you let him, and she can only get a good enough grip to hold on if you give her something to grasp.

That pain that aches in her chest every time she's mad, and the feeling of her heart falling to the pit of her stomach, its all for you dear. The anger that builds within his entire mind and body, and the fear that hits his chest enough to make everything stop, it's because of you Juliet. You affect someone enough to change them not only emotionally but physically, you create those chills, and your the reason behind the water works. You mean enough to give their heart a jolt of adrenaline and enough to replace them with a brand new soul. Because of you they're at a loss for words every time they glance at you, because of you they're sick, diseased with this incapable love that never heals completely. Because of you... they have no desire to look upon any other beautiful face because yours is the only one that's been through their mind.

And the time you two fought.. i saw both sides of the stories. I saw love in the tears she lost that night, and i saw genuine care in the way he couldn't look anyone in the eyes until he saw yours. The way his skin tightened over his knuckles every time he thought over what he said to you, wishing his desires were enough to take them back. The way she gasped for air every second after a tear rolled down her face, because ever since she's met you she's been short of the one you stole. And by the next day...

it was too late for either of them to take back what they did wrong.

Romeo and dear Juliet

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