Saturday, December 10, 2011

to evaporate or vanish

There's a constant feed in my arms... to cling to fire and cherish the warm burn left after. To taste the tongues of the final word, and to soak in the skin of all shades of the world. To sweep across the graves of the last source of good will, and to carve into the last family tree that had grown from good roots. To break across the ocean and release all my contagious thoughts, to inhale all the last breaths of those who are unwillingly giving them up, and to disperse these toxins that run like oil. To make us become one when here we stand two, and mold away into what he has made my completion. To burn down every last light, and provide darkness in the closest of places. To wrap my mind around what can't be thought, to break it before it's been made, and to bandage what couldn't be seen. To be what is to be, and take it there with me.

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