Sunday, December 25, 2011


I think of the days I wasted
Let them slip through my hands
And if it all came back
Would it knock me off my feet
Or would I still stand?

I wonder if I did it wrong
Should I have said it all?
Was it a mistake?
Was I in the wrong?
Because I let myself fall

Should I have run? Should I have begged?
Should I have let you seen?
All the tears fall
Once you had fled

If only I could clear this clouded mind
Would it be too hard?
Would it be too scary?
Of what I'd find

And with this, I'll give it to you...
Empty and handed down
All I have to offer
A few left over feelings
That I happened to have found

And if it all ended? If shadows were all I'd see...
If I still talked about you...
As if you put life back into me
Would it be the right thing?
That I never loved someone with so many tries
Just in hope one day you'd realize...

Something I'll never tell you
Something you'll never know
Worried if I build up these bridges
That I'll be letting you go

And if I told him this
If I wrote him everything he deserves
Would I be doing the best?
Taking first place?
Or am I just in line to be your next race

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