Friday, October 8, 2010

flock, the broken wings

cold and alone, bare a truth
young and old, you are my youth
bleed so dry, I ache this chest
a heart so cautious, I'll never rest

Break it, tie it, and lock it away
Make sure its a mess, forever till day
Lose a little time, break free the night
Cry till dawn shines, cause you put up a fight
Peel away layers, cause love you I do
Crisp the pages, because written were few
Wet down the edges, taste like rain
Pour from my body, open this pain
Slide across deeply, burn into fire
Grow like birds, fly higher and higher


  1. reading these rhymes I get the impression that you are recovering ( Grow like birds,fly higher and higher) of something that made you suffer a lot... I wish you get over it ( if I'm right, of course :)... and thanks by your lovely words

  2. Spread them wings... if you conceive and believe, you will achieve...


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