Friday, September 17, 2010

down to the upside

Crooked teeth, scare me so
Spit there words, its all a blow
Bombs and shelters, whispers that grew
Hit and wounded, of all that we knew
Lips so chapped, cut and bleed
Dripping with words we all so heed
Tear and bite, pull and tease
Words that soon, put us at our knees
Cry and cry, as we hit the floor
Beg oh beg, because we want more
The feel of want, the feel of need
You show one thing, but your lips mislead
Sharpen these words, stain the skin
Print your breath, promises paper thin
Kiss and bliss, I'll make thee so
Keep you lost, so you'll never go

1 comment:

  1. There is a Senna-ish attitude here. Sorry, I am just remembering Senna a lot these past few days. And, he believed in these thoughts.

    PS: Line 8; as=us


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