Monday, September 13, 2010


crash and burn
let the night begin, fall to ashes, the stars will win
flames oh flames, gesto thee so
will burns be scars?
we all so yearn
todays the day
we'll crash and burn
roots so deep, slide me through, clog my veins with how you do
your feet so still
try to run and turn
ankles bleed
as we crash and burn
fly till sun? Your crimson death
bleed so deep my red crushed hues
hide the night, my dream to learn
that soon one day
we'll crash and burn
walk the streets, zombies at mind, see the world, but you are blind
sick and wrong
to know what we earn
that our man kind
will crash and burn


  1. Why all this pessimism at the end?

  2. I see realism in this one... I mean, sure, life is beautiful... but there are a few dark aspects... here they are! The denial zones are lit here...


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