Sunday, August 22, 2010

a little ways to south, headed home to dear north

Taking a step up those stairs, the ones you built to grow every day
As I have to back down slowly, for some reason you lost your way
I'm wanting to jump, wishing to fall
hoping you'll find me, hoping you'll call
I'm grabbing the rail, holding on tight
watching us fall, but for us I still fight
I'm reaching for whats left, holding whats hovering
Trying to keep you afloat, of this ocean that keeps on covering
drowning a little slow, losing air a little fast
hoped for a future too soon, when I forget of the past
wanting the most, and taking the least
downfall of love, my pain has increased
Talking of what I want, missing what i need
Forgetting air is essential, and that hearts will always bleed

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