Tuesday, July 20, 2010

was there another

stab my back, never trusted my word
Disregard what I said or what you ever heard
I tell you different but you still question the same
as if i had lied and I'm the one to blame
Shallow and mean I never knew at heart
I've been honest and yours from the very start
but good enough i guess not when it came to the truth
you think I'm too young, but I'm much older than all youth
I don't play to the games they all abidingly fall
I'm old fashioned and honest, or do you not recall
question and question at a constant need
because my words to you will never seem to succeed
love for another was never the reason
I never played our love in cheat or treason
but is it worth the time to tell you the truth
when no matter what you feel as if your the sleuth

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