Friday, July 2, 2010


To all who ever really knew love was out there, to those who never gave up, to those who believed, hoped, and found.

We all want a little piece of love, out of this entire world, just a small bit enough to keep us happy and dreaming. We all want our Edward or Jacob, our Romeo, our Juliet, our gentleman... our till death does us part..

All I have to offer is love... and I only hope that's enough for someone out there.

I hope to be as lucky with love one day as others have been... finding my true love is the only thing I desire... and for you all out there who have it, I envy you.

I want to be someones sweetheart... someones dollface... someones love.

I hope your out there...

All I want is a good old fashioned guy... but its so hard to come across that anymore. I want a man who wants marriage... who wants a big heart warming family, someone genuine.

I'll love you... I will... I'll protect you from whatever I can I swear. And I won't lie... I will get jealous and for that I"m sorry...but I will be scared to lose you to any other girl. I won't ever be controlling... but when I voice my opinions I only hope you take them into consideration. Yes.. I will be one of those annoying people that everyone hates because they're so madly in love that they have to let everyone know... YES I will tell everyone how lucky I am to have you. And I so dearly hope you'd want to let everyone know as well. I will be completely cheesy... I will call you because I miss your voice, I will randomly tell you my favorite things about you and yes... I will constantly find any way to bring you up in any conversation I will be having. I'm apologizing now for the times that I will get overly sad about missing you and about being too scared to ever lose you. I will see everything that's amazing about you... for everything about you will be amazing. I'll day dream about our future... I'll wonder what our children will look like... spectacularly beautiful of course. I'll make sure I'm the one you'll want to come to when your world is crashing in. I'll find you incredibly handsome in any moment of our relationship.. whether your wearing sweats while sporting morning breath to slicked back hair and a nice tie. I wont glance at any other guy... as far as I'll be concerned there won't be any other guys that exist besides you. That feeling everyone talks about... you know... the answer you get whenever you ask "how do you know its true love?" and they always always answer" just know"... I'll get that feeling with you... I will, I know it. I wont ever tire of you... ever. I'll lack in sleep and tire during the day because I'll never want to fall asleep... I can give up some rest to talk to you just a little longer. It'll all seem so beautiful with you at my side... the sunset will be more breathtaking than I saw it before... the night sky wont shine of stars I always wished upon... but stars that our very love created. My desire to love you so is making me speak in such delirious ways that I lose track of what I mean anymore... I'm hoping these words will out reach to you one day or another and you can make sense of the circles I've been talking in... If you can... then your the one.

And it all seems so beautiful when you don't sleep anymore... but you dream. When your world fits within your arms.

It's 11:11 my darling... and I've wished for you once again. Every night.

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  1. answer: if you look at my blog, to the right, at the sidebar you can translate my blog. :) But thank you very very much for your comment, it makes me so happy. Oh, the first pic is mine. Just one favor, if u wanna take my photos, just write that they are mine :*



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