Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You couldn't lose him..

Love is the saddest of songs, the old memories that grow ever better with time, the birthday cards you've saved since a kid, the scar on your leg, waking up to the sun peaking over the mountain, sleepy eyes, the random bursts of adrenaline, hearing them mutter in their sleep, being their first kiss, the perfect movie on TV, the last chocolate in the candy jar, having the last word, being right, knowing when your wrong, crying when you miss someone, sitting alone at home watching your favorite movies, running so fast that the world falls behind you, getting in the car and driving away, singing incredibly loud, knowing your missed, telling yourself they never look at others the way they look at you, the cool side of the pillow, convincing yourself to not love, having nightmares after watching that scary movie with him, knowing all their quirks, morning kisses, having a random stranger smile at you, losing your cool, telling yourself your not jealous... when you are, accomplishing that last small thing on your to-do list, taking in a moment to really appreciate everything around you, fighting, making up, having that chocolate cake even though your diet tells you no, getting a compliment, letting out your anger, and letting someone in. You and I... we're love as well.

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