Friday, June 4, 2010

mazes turn into paths

1. My family.. the number one most important thing to me... always have been and always be. The people who are the source of my happiness
2. Not sure i can ever say i love you again... the words taste like vinegar as they slide past my tongue
3. I still listen to country songs when i'm sad
4. I hate fighting... but love debating
5. I'm ready for him... for the one
6. I can live life backpacking this world.. it'll be my last adventure
7. I'll write a book... a book dedicated to you..
8. I'll win something... that's my goal... it can be a carnival stuff animal or the world record for longest someone ever talked and actually made sense.
9. I plan on having 6 more moments when i cry because i'm so happy.. the day he gets down on one knee... and as for the 5 other... those days are saved for when i bring 5 perfect kids into this world
10. I talk too much still.
11. I'm at a loss for words when i think about you... didn't know that could happen to me
12. three things i've wanted to tell ppl... Grow up. Let love in... its truly an amazing thing. Be here with me, and i'll be anywhere with you.
13. I still like techno more than that stupid stuff you listen to
14. I'm scared... I may say i'm not... but i'm lying.
15. I still believe in the random moments that give you the greatest memories...
16. I enjoy pulling all nighters
17. You'll be funny and i can just be the talker
18. Secretly... i think it'd be fun to be DJ
19. I dont tell you this enough.. but i miss you...
20. Ya... i still cry when i watch The Notebook
21. I wont ever be able to look at you without feeling my heart sink to the pit of all blackness
22. I secretly write pages and pages about you in my diary
23. yes i still have a diary
24. I miss your voice.. and the way you talk. i never told you that... that i love your voice and the way you say words
25. I hope 20 years from now.. your still the person i feel this strong about.

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