Friday, June 4, 2010

Forever waiting..

i wish i had enough heart to hand out to everyone. everyone who is angry... everyone who is bitter and cold.. everyone i wish i could keep forever within my grip.. instead of my hands that can't seem to carry anything. I'm ready for life in so many ways... i'm ready to find love, i'm ready to travel across this world and see sites i've only seen through photographs, I'm ready to give someone my love.

I wish we had the answers... whenever we really really desired to know the answer to things... we'd just know. instead of making decisions and making mistakes, we'd just be able to go through the journey fully prepared. I wish there was a book that said what to do and when to do it... and sometimes i wish i could peak into the future to see where i'm at, who with and what life is like.

Sometimes i wish humans didn't live off of love... cause thats what life really is about... love.. as well as finding your true love... and sometimes i wish that wasn't it. All the pain and hurt we all feel, the anger and jealousy... jealousy is the worst. Life would be easier if we were just robots or didn't seek another to fulfill our lives. But then again if life were like that it'd be hell. We'd be heartless creatures.

We all have monsters inside us... some where. lurking. some of us cage them... while others let them freely roam.

If i had all the answers i'd give them to you. I wouldn't hurt you... I'd love you. If i could i'd keep you forever... i'd hold you between my arms close to my chest so you could feel the beat of what belongs to you. You would ask me.... and i would say yes, i do. I'd create a forever lasting future with you. You'd be the reason i look at the sky differently, the reason the right side of the bed feels cold and lonely when your not around. I'd begin to know what lonely feels like... because now i have someone that makes up my world.. and without you it'd be dark.. empty... hollow. I'd be one of those helpless romantics... the people who look so foolishly inlove and could care less how idiotic they look to everyone else. I'd find every way to let you know the way i love you... if only i could.

I'd never harm you. I'd never lie, cheat... or be the cause of your pain. Yell at me and i'd reach out arms hoping to wrap you in them... push me away and i could only run right back to you.. leave me on my own... and i could only stand in place till you made your way back to me. I'd never degrade you... never ignore you... listen to everyone of your thoughts.. watch every smile that i'd get to come across your face... lace my fingers down your arms and in the spaces where mine can lay forever. I'd give you more than i knew i could ever offer... i'd build you a home that would forever be yours. I could die happily knowing i had you by my side. If only..

I hope that life carries you across mountains and down through the ocean... take a peak at the world that's only grown to be as half as beautiful as i see you.

Forever engraved in my arms are love that one day I hope to wrap around the one. The one for me. For I'll love you. Love you forever till life takes me away. My dear dear darling.

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