Friday, May 21, 2010

Substitutting Eyes

I have one heart but grew another, one for myself, and one for the life long other. I need no ties to one who I do not love uncontrollably, I need not a significant other. I grew roots that tie closely with my family who's tree grew from love. My love desires only of the endless sunsets that lie upon broken seas and pictures that hold onto moments you will forever miss. I find myself lost in others words and perspectives rather than ones love. I seek happiness that had been forever held beneath the roof that I sleep under at night, and as far as I'm concerned, that happiness is enough to last me forever life. I will wonder across these trails and later on run into another's path, that might... just might, turn into my very own path as well... the path that will ultimately turn into my walk to the alter... but that path won't be bending around my corner any time soon. Till then I'll cross from state to state, country to country and lose myself in what I love so dearly. I'll live on the beach, inside that hotel room that's become a regular, on the bench that watches all time pass by, the top of a new york building, and beneath every footstep that leads an adventure. I'll cover myself in aviator shades and wrap upon my neck my story, a camera that will substitute as my eyes for a few years as I travel the forgotten world....

- L

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