Saturday, May 8, 2010

heading south for winter

Winter seems to be gone! no more snow fall here in Utah, finally.
Now back to the warm weather I like to live in..
Flew through this year like it was nothing, and now summer peering around the corner.
and waiting for my next wish to fly their way here on a plane flight due the 13th

Guesstimates of sunshine and a little bit of nervousness :/
... and plenty anxiety attacks within the minutes I'll be waiting for them to depart their flight.

bear me with wings while its hard enough to keep my feet upon the ground
Take away my breath when it was the last thing I've been bound
.... given away every heart I ever made
make my dreams come true that i let fade
lift me to heights I thought i had lost
give back the feelings i once had tossed
... I'm flying through the sky and seeing everything new
my world was so large but now i look and i see its only you
i bore the world on my shoulders, with a moment left to let it fall
but how its so convenient my world fits within my arms...
.... as long as you'll fly to me whenever I call

You gave me wings, you helped me soar
I gave you a heart, to fix what she tore
my heart now starved of what it would never desire
until you gave it something that it couldn't help but admire

grasp my thoughts that you pull at as your lips mumble
hold me up tall when my weak knees start to stumble
held me close enough to send me shooting through stars
hoping my soft voice will be enough to stitch open scars

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