Sunday, May 30, 2010

finding home

Constantly breaking while trying to heal
Slowly hurting while trying to feel
crying pains that ache from my chest
pass down my sun so forever i'll rest
Take away lungs that gave me no air
For when you had left, i didn't have the care
hearts are breaking and ribs are cracking
when love is drowned in what we've been lacking
tears are poison and my cries are weak
when scared my words that i try to speak
torn between worlds that both make up me
tearing at the eyes that have always helped me see
while one hand wraps along a warm glowing kiss
the other is out reaching to the one she'll always miss
thinking of the one that's always been there
while belonging to the one who'll now care
Can i create a heart alive enough to split two ways
enough to last them both to my dying days

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