Monday, May 24, 2010

Dull my days Dollface

I fall far from love. It's distance is my strength and the farther i run the farther i fly. It's lure is a distant echo that use to scream inside my head and surround me. It's captivating appearance is now no more than light pigments that fill my air. It's satin feel of warmth no longer pulls me in, I've found warmth else where. It's sound no longer strokes the strings of my heart, i untied every single one so now i lie wide open. It's memory that once lingered in my head now lies crumbled beneath my feet as i walk over it day by day. And as the heavens rain down this love, i will take cover to stay dry. I will steer clear of this poisoned rain and fly high above hells fire. I am doomed to stay down on my own knees if i can't stand for what is right. And that is what they told me when i opened windows to every door that closed, to every star i stole and never returned, to every breath i stole and never gave back. I caused death... I caused chaos... and I am the cause of this darkened sky that stole every living shadow that once loomed this earth. Every love that brightened dull eyes and all the hands I stole that once raised themselves against the wrong... until they turned into birds that soared my skies.

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